With orders that exceed either in weight or length, our shipping options will automatically switch to the "TBD" option. This option is selected when using an order that is recommend to be shipped via Freight Truck. Though sometimes thought to be cheaper (which is not always true)  Freight cost change on a daily basis and can vary based on the needs of the customer are. I.E "Lift Gates and Residential Deliveries". When given we are sure to state that this is only an approximate shipping cost and its final cost maybe higher or lower than that of the cost quoted. It is suggested that customers call in when requesting a "TBD Shipping Cost" that way all information is exchanged as the quote is being made as well as any question you as the customer may have about our freighting company. It is not to say that your order has to be finished in order to receive a freight quote, feel free to give us a call at any point of the ordering process with ANY questions at all and we will be sure to provide the best possible answers.