Maybe. If we have it, you will find it using the site search.

Special order? Try us. It never hurts to ask. 

But there are some nonstarters:

  • Small quantities- It's difficult to special order just one or two small pieces of a wood. To get the interest of our suppliers, we need to be looking at a quantity usually of at least 100 board feet. But there are some exceptions.
  • Non-commercially harvested wood- Fewer than 300 species of trees (out of a worldwide estimate of 100,000+) are actually harvested for their wood and allocated through the business chain of distribution.
  • Wood from "country X"- Easier said than done. A lot of times species grow in regions that span several countries. For example, the mahogany species Swietenia macrophylla is historically called Honduras Mahogany even though it grows virtually in every country between Mexico and Argentina. But it's not always harvested in or exported from each country. For that matter, it's no longer harvested in Honduras. That's just to give you an example of the difficulties of trying to buy a certain species from a specific part of the world. 
  • Bark, sticks, or leaves from "species x"- We sell wood.
  • Endangered species- Forget it.