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Saw Stops have some pretty amazing features, the one that is is most popular for is obviously the one that holds its name! The SAW STOPPING FEATURE! 

We are grateful to have five meaty digits on each hand! 

I'm sure we'd all like to keep it that way as well!  

Saw Stop has changed the game with there blade stopping break system, this system works based on conductivity; in short, 3-volts are ran constantly through the break system -to the blade once in contact with your skin, its our bodies that absorb those 3 volts, thus triggering the break systems kicking up that Aluminum break, bringing the saw down, and shutting off the motor. Here is one the best diagrams around explaining the actions of each piece involved, to stop those Saws 10x faster then you can react! An astounding 5 milliseconds! Sorry if I went over board with the explanation! These Saw's are just something else!