Yes, we can cut to size for you. But we can't cut joinery.

Remember, if you can do your own cutting to size, there's no need to pay us to perform custom cutting for you.

When talking about sizes, it pays to be absolutely clear about what you need:

  • Do you need custom cutting to finished size?
  • Or do you need custom selection so you can cut to particular sizes?

A custom selection means we will sort and select lumber that will allow you to cut down to your finished size. Sizes will still be random and not uniform, but they will exceed your minimum size demands.

See our answers about available widths and lengths.

Charges for Cutting To Size

We can quote your project. Basic shop charges are $90 per hour with a $15 minimum.

Send us your list and we will provide you a quote.

But be aware that building a woodworking project requires you to be able to perform on-the-fly precision adjustments. Such as with fitting joinery together. If you have someone else cut your parts for you, you still need to be able to finesse your project together. Trim to length, square up the corners, finish sand, finesse to fit, etc.