First we need to know if you're looking to buy sizes already cut to size, or if you are looking to buy sizes that will yield what you want to cut.

Choose from 2 different ways to get the sizes you want:

1. Custom Hand Selection

This means you'll do your own cutting/gluing/sizing, but we select wood to meet or exceed your needs.

  • We pull the lumber to be larger than the sizes you need
  • You would do the final cutting and/or gluing
  • Boards would come in random widths/lengths, but large enough to yield what you need
  • Selection fee of $1.00 /bd ft. applies

You can order right online for this option. Use our "Selection Requests" box on the ordering page to tell us what you need to achieve.

2. Custom Cutting and Milling

This means We do the cutting for you. Some of the services we can do include:

  • Cutting to exact sizes within 1/16" tolerances
  • Gluing up solid wood panels for table tops, stair treads, etc.
  • Resawing for bookmatched panels or thin stock
  • Creating thin lumber 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", 3/16" etc. 

To do this, call or email to have a quote worked up for you.