Two ways to do this. It comes down to whether or not you can/want to do your own cutting, or if you want to just buy a piece of wood of a certain size already cut for you.

First, if you can do your own cutting we can hand pick a board to be larger than what you want, you'll cut it down to your final size.

In this instance, you can't order and expect to receive an exact size but a minimum size. 

This means we'll provide a certain amount of board footage of lumber, and we'll select it so that the sizes will be larger than what you request, and you can cut it down from there. 

You'll buy lumber by the board foot and simply make a minimum size request on the ordering page. 

  1. Estimate the number of board feet for your piece 
  2. Multiply that by 1.5 or more to add on a waste factor (you're going to cut this to size, therefore you have to start with a board larger than your finished size plus you might want extra to arrange grain, work around defects, or just to have extra to test finishes, etc.) 
  3. Order that much
  4. Type in your minimum size request in the box on the order form

See image at bottom.

Second, if you don't have the tools, knowledge, or desire to do your own cutting we offer these services.

If that's the case, please submit a custom milling request by email with this info:

  • Type of wood
  • Finished actual size you want
  • Number of pieces you want

We'll price this per piece. 


Here's where you make a minimum size request: