Knots are one of those topics that always seem to split the room. Some of us love em! "Yes! Bring on Rustic Appeal!!" Others dread the very thought of coming across a single knot! Sometimes this is just a matter of preference, yet in some cases it just might be a matter knowing what to do with them! We offer some great tips and tricks on how you can work with these "Characters!" Knots are often great for bring a real color pop to your take Alder for example! Alder (often refereed to as "The Poor Man's Cherry") with a bit of Color tint I.E Black tint! Wanna see how it's done!?!  Take a look at this great instructional article put together by Mark Stephens!

Or Perhaps you want those knots to have a more distressed or weathered such as these! Look here! Here is yet another great article by Mark that shows 6 ways to you can rustic or reclaim look with your lumber!