We know that buying lumber can be a fairly daunting task. You are worried that not seeing/selecting this lumber yourself may have impact on your project. To counter this fear, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means if there is any damage or you are unhappy with your order ( within reasonable limitations ) simply bring it to our attention, so that we may asses the problem, while also giving us the opportunity to remedy the situation as needed. 


There are two options for ordering your lumber

  1. placing an order online or 
  2. calling in an order over the phone

 Each process only take a few minutes to do if well prepared! 

The key to having a prepared order is knowing what is you need and knowing what to expect from your lumber. 

Keep in mind you are purchasing a material produced from a living organism. It is natural for nature to have waves, slight flaws and defects I.E small knots, sapwood, checks, and/or cupping. It's only when these are amplified and extrapolated that there should arise for concern.  Just the same as when purchasing a new tool, you want to be familiar with your product prior to ordering it! We have detailed information for understanding and how to work with these small flaws.  We do our very best to to pick boards that have as little defects as possible (within Grading Guide Lines)  to be sure that you don't run into these issues as well.

When placing an order online be sure you know what it is you will need for your project. Do you know the species of lumber you'd like to use? Do you have the exact dimensions? Do you know how to add up your total Board Footage?  Did you take in account for waste? See, article "How Do I Buy The Sizes I Want?" for further explanation 

( https://woodworkerssource.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/9000115990-how-do-i-buy-the-sizes-i-want )  These are just few important questions you'll want to have answered prior to ordering. Once you feel that you are adequately prepared to make your order you can either follow the options of the attached picture for "How To Order Online"  or simply give us a call at our Mail Order Office number 800-423-2450. If you're having any issues or just have some questions that needed to be answer, we suggest that you call in your order so that there is no doubt in your mind that you will receive exactly what you were expecting.