There are 2 ways we can help you get the sizes you need. (explained at bottom) 

But first, let's establish the basics of lumber. Below is a pretty typical pile of mahogany lumber, and this is generally about what any pile of hardwood lumber looks like. 

  • Uniform thickness
  • Various, random widths
  • Lengths up to 14', usually nothing shorter than 6

There are basically two ways we can provide lumber. 

  1. Random widths and lengths hand picked to meet or exceed your minimum dimension, or 
  2. Custom cut-to-size boards.

1. Random Widths/Lengths with Minimum Size Specifications

If you can do your own cutting and/or gluing to size, you will order your lumber by the board foot in random widths and lengths and specify some minimum sizes. 

What you can't do is order exact sizes. Only minimum sizes. 

This means we'll provide a certain amount of board footage of lumber, and we'll select it so that the sizes will be larger than what you request. 

When you buy by the board foot, it's a way to buy a bulk amount of wood in random widths and random lengths. However you can specify a minimum size requirement for your widths or lengths. 

You'll make the final cuts to create the sizes you want. To do this, you'll need to do a little math to figure out how much board footage you need to buy. 

  1. Figure out the board footage of your project parts
  2. Apply a waste factor of at least 1.5
  3. Add it up 

Watch our Video Tutorial on this subject: 3 Simple Steps to Figure Out How Much Board Footage You'll Need

2. Ordering Custom Cut Exact Sizes

If you can't do your own cutting, we can custom cut just about anything you want. 

At the time of this writing, we don't have a way for you to order this right from our website. Instead, we'll need to provide you a custom quote. Please email us at to get a quote.


A custom cut order is priced by the piece, or priced for the job. It is not priced by the board foot. 

Board footage is how random sized lumber is measured, bought and sold. Wood that's cut to specified sizes is priced by the piece.