Fortunately, lumber is a raw material that you're going to cut, saw, sand, and/or shape into your project parts. So while some shipping damage might appear unpleasant, it also might not really affect your project. 

We don't want you to have to deal with damaged wood, which is why we take great measures to package and protect wood for shipping. 

Dents are common, and they're easy to fix with a damp rag and a household iron. In fact, it's a trick all woodworkers should know because it's really easy to dent your boards just by moving them around in your shop. Here's a tip. 

Search: how to steam dents out of wood >>>

Likewise, corners and edges take a beating during shipping. We protect them with extra packaging material, but still you might get some minor damage that's easy to deal with. You'll be ripping or crosscutting your boards to make your project parts to size anyway, so good chance you'll be making sawdust out of the corners and edges. 

For major damage that's absolutely unsatisfactory, we'll replace material or give you a credit, depending on what ever works best for you. Let's talk about it. 

  1. Document the damage with photos or video; the camera on your smartphone will do
  2. Assess what can't be used or salvaged
  3. Contact us to discuss - we're here to help