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3 Things to Know:

1. Standard turn around time is 3 business days for lumber orders (other products are sooner). 

That means if you place your order on a Monday, it will ship by Thursday.  

2. Certain circumstances will elongate that 3-day turn around, such as special size requests and custom cutting. We let you know when your order will take longer than usual. 

3. Please be patient. It takes more time and effort to select and package and order of lumber than it does to do the same for widgets. 

Yes, we know can fulfill an order of coffee mugs or t-shirts within hours. Sadly, lumber is different. It needs to be hand picked and inspected; it's heavy and awkward; it requires special care and packaging. All of these things mean more time and labor than you might be used to when ordering products online. 

With that, we aim to get your lumber out the door within 3 business days